A small presentation about Highway and CHR in China

I would like to introduce Highway and High Speed Rail in China which are a part of traffic system in china, because these are an epitome of social development and a proof of the improvement and enhancement of peoples living standards in.High speed rail network in China

Let’s start with Autobahn.

June 7, 1984, The Highway between ShenYang and Dalian has being built. The Distance is 375 Kilometer. Until end of the year 2016 had China already 130.000 Km Autobahn in use. Many Highways are being built and planed.

People must be interested, how many Autos running on the road in China. There are some Number about them. 146 millions. Passenger cars, this Number doesn’t include Trucks, motorcycle or other types of the car.

At Entrances and exits of Highways are there Toll Stations. The average cost are 5 Euro per 100 kilometer, and they have speed limit of 120 kmh.

Because Germany is only one country in the world where no speed limit on Highways, many Speed car fans is would like to travel in Germany and to earn this experience.

About High speed rail I did not much homework. China Highway Network in Chinahas just began the High speed rail project in 2004, and at end of the year 2016 there are already 20.000 Km. The Speed depends on situation and environment is between 250kmh and 350kmh.

I have travelled by train for 900km, spent 4 hours and 53 euro for 2. Class. 1. Class cost 86euro for same trip.

We said that High speed rail has being built since 2004. It began to run in 2007 and in same year there are already 61 Million passengers. High speed rail took 1,440 passengers in 2016.


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